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We train and mentor Techies and Tech wannabes with customized training that fit their needs and prepare them for an entry-level position in the relevant industry

With demand for skilled IT resources outweighing the current pool of degree holding talent, companies are searching for immediate, skilled candidates, and resources to upskill and reskill current employees. Job seekers are looking for jobs, or to upskill themselves to meet current job requirements. 4 year degrees are time consuming, expensive, and not necessarily tailored to every students’ needs, or available to all segments of our population. SnapIT works to solve this imbalance by providing flexible and accessible IT training to all communities.

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Our courses are available in-person, virtual online and in web based formats available in 5, 9 or 11 week schedules

Software Development



This course will go over the basic fundamentals of the C# language while utilizing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts. This course will also teach students three pillars of OOP and utilize them in design patterns.



Java is ranked as the 3rd most popular programming language of 2020. Starting with the basics, this course prepares you for an Entry Level Position as a Junior Developer in mobile, web and server-side development.



JavaScript has been the most popular language in the world for the past 5+ years! The objective of this course is to provide a career path into the industry of Software Development. This course will go over the basic foundations of the Javascript language, and how the Software Development Lifecycle plays a role in their career path. We explore common design patterns using these fundamentals, so each student has an understanding of how these concepts work in real world products.


Python Foundations

Rated as the number 1 best programming language of 2020, Python is all the talk. This fundamental language will give the student all the knowledge they need to upskill to some of the latest technology stacks: Big Data and Machine Learning. There is also room to move into web technologies as well, with DJango. Python is one of the most versatile languages on the market.


Ruby On Rails

You’ve probably already used many of the applications that were built with Ruby on Rails: Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, Hulu, Zendesk, Square, Cookpad. Those are just some of the big names, but there are literally hundreds of thousands of applications built with the framework since its release in 2004. This Ruby on Rails course has been designed to provide a career path into the industry of Web Development. This course teaches students how to understand the concept of objects and how they relate to programming using the Ruby language.

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What Do Our Alum Say About Our Technology Trainings?

Lisa Ciaccio
Lisa CiaccioJava
Through the tech training, taught by an experienced software engineer from the local tech firm SnapIT Solutions, I discovered a passion for programming that I otherwise never would have been exposed to. The tech program completely transformed my life; now, all I want is to see more people benefit from this program the way that I did.
Carlo Santos
Carlo SantosJava
I didn’t want to spend 4 plus years pursuing a degree if I had to put myself into financial debt, so I decided to drop out and look for a quicker, less expensive way. I needed a more hands on approach.
Jo Lee White
Jo Lee WhiteJavaScript
It has been nice to know that no matter what your knowledge or experience level you can grasp and use this information in the job market right now. It is never too late to learn a new skill or brush up on an old one.