The Problem

A Sports Complex management company needed a more efficient means to capture and pay for the reservation of sports courts, leagues and tournaments. The current process, calling into a reservation number, was inefficient and costly requiring excessive time and a dedicated employee to secure reservations. They were looking for a software solution that would allow their customer to be in control of their reservation.

What Was Done

SnapIT personnel engaged the Space management company to fully understand their needs and desires. Once goals and objectives were defined, SnapIT determined a flexible, web-based solution to be the best option. The SnapIT team developed a couple prototypes which were reviewed and ultimately approved for further development.

Key Outcomes

A streamlined yet flexible, cloud-based solution allowing for customization including Logo and Dashboard metrics.
Reduction in labor required to make a reservation.
Space Management company gained ease in setting up locationS as as well as gained control of what space they allow to be reserved.
Customer process was simplified providing a more enjoyable engagement.
Communication was enhanced with email notifications being built in