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Neelima Parasker, the founder and CEO of SnapIT Solutions®, shared how her innovative, regenerative IT workforce development model has helped fill high-tech workforce gaps and solve challenges for companies seeking IT talent across the U.S.

SnapIT® has developed a scalable model that offers a low-risk alternative to sourcing IT talent while providing access to education, resources and training for underserved employee populations. From our experience providing clients with trained, skilled resources and giving trainees on-the-job skills, we’re experiencing explosive growth and solving a much-needed problem in the industry. Neelima will share a case study from a recent engagement using the SnapIT SPRNT™ model to accelerate learning through an innovative platform, expert guidance and client projects to gain field experience, while delivering technology solutions for a healthcare company.

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Innovation@Work Virtual Week USA

SnapIT Solutions® sponsored the Pride Kansas City festival. The festival took place on Saturday, August 21 & Sunday, August 22 at Theis Park.
SnapIT® is hosting its first ever Future of Work summit! One-of-a-kind convening of technology CxOs and coupled with conversations on the post-covid nature of work, engage with peers and top experts in the world to partner towards building an impact-driven and diversity-focused future of work.

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Learn how easy it is to use live training and real time discussions to Digital Transformation they will discuss the successes – and failures – of digital transformation from taking the right approach to squeezing the most value out of your data to embracing and maintaining the Digital transformation and save money at the end.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are being adopted by corporations at a rapid pace. In this two-day virtual workshop you will be able to interact with thought leaders from IBM and SnapIT. Together with your team and your data, the IBM Data Science Elite Team gives you the skills, methods and tools to win with AI in weeks.

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