Fulfilling Emerging Tech Needs Through Extensive Hands-on Internships & Skilled Apprenticeships for Continuous & Diverse Talent Pipeline

The Inspiration

SnapIT® started as a dream to help change the lives of young adults.

After a day mentoring disadvantaged middle school students, Neelima Parasker asked if any knew of engineers as mentors. The answer that propelled Parasker was “Nobody”. So, after 18 years in corporate information technology, SnapIT® was born with the goal of helping change 10 lives each year. The development of the innovative approach has surpassed that goal with SnapIT® training and developing hundreds of students a year to date.

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The Concept

This inadequate ability to generate enough IT talent to meet the growing demands of the industry has been clear to companies for the past decade or more. While understanding that the industry has high demand for this work and realizing that many Kansas City kids and youth have not been exposed to the adequate resources, education Computer Sciences and an opportunity to work without the need for 4 year college education the basic concept of SnapIT SPRNT® business model.

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The Evolution

The Results