The Problem

In early 2018 the nation’s leader in population health management determined that they needed additional software development experts, beyond that of their in-house team, to meet the demands of their customer enhancement requests.

What was done

Upon evaluating the demand and needs, it was determined that an agile approach would provide the fastest results based on the customer timeline. In order to efficiently implement code as well as minimize cost to our client, SnapIT created a Pod consisting of a professional software engineer, 2 experienced software developers that can work independently on development tasks, and 2 new graduates from SnapIT’s training program.

Key Outcomes

  • Provided varied mix of skills
  • Saved new hiring costs and learning curve
  • There are now 6 PODS working for this client
  • SnapIT has provided services to our client in the following domains and all the skills used to perform are mentioned below:Web application development: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Django (Python)API development Using: Java, JMeter, Java web services Rails API, Grape REST open API framework for Ruby, Documenting API’s using swagger

    Unit Testing: Mockito, Junit, Rspec

    DB: MySql, HDFS, NoSql MongoDB

    Devops, Build tools & deployment: Jenkins CI/CD, Maven, Ant, Docker & Kubernetes

    Big Data, ETL & Data analysis: Hadoop, Apache spark, PySpark, Hue, oozie, avro

    Project Management: Jira, Confluence Wiki

    Source code management: GitHub, Crucible