The Problem

An Intermodal mid-sized Trucking company struggled to find a “right sized” approach to fit their current budget but scalable as the business would grow. Current software packages available on the market either offered too little functionality or were super robust, mega-sized and mega priced solutions. They needed a flexible, Cloud-based solution customized to their needs that was able to grow with their business, but also at a reasonable price.

What Was Done

Key SnapIT personnel worked jointly with the business to fully understand their needs and desires. Recognizing that small/mid-sized businesses must also support company operations, an iterative development model was adopted allowing for development to occur in modest, testable ‘chunks’ of software over an 18 month time frame. The new system implemented seamlessly without issue into production.

Key Outcomes

  • The gradual, robust testing efforts spread over time has delivered a high Quality, perfectly suited product.
  • The customer was able to fully support operations while building a system that will fully support their needs for 20+ years.
  • The substantially, improved efficient system is saving the company money due to more efficient processes and reduced staff support.
  • Additional savings were gained due to many systems being replaced by one comprehensive system.