Project Description

Software is evolving at a rapid pace. Whether it’s web, mobile or desktop, the need for Software Testers are in even more demand. As a software tester, the student will learn all the needed tools to ensure that the software is working properly. This course teaches students how to take an application and break it down into test plans. With these test plans, they will be able to create test cases that will give them the steps they need to validate the functionality of different applications.

Additionally, this course will go over the basics of SQL databases, so as a tester, the students would be able to stage their own test data into a separate environment from the developers they would work with. This will be the only part of the course that will be related to programming languages.

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This course will also allow the students to utilize these test plans and test cases on a real web and mobile application. This course will also go over not just the Software Development Life Cycle, but the Software Testing Life Cycle. We look at the industry and see why testing is so important. Additional to these skills, we look at testing techniques, so the student knows what approaches you can take to achieving a tested application.