We’re here to help you with your new or accelerated career in technology! We want to train you, certify you, and place you in a role – all for free thanks to the state of Kansas!

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We are pleased to announce that KS Workforce Partnership and SnapIT are partnering to provide Technology Trainings to eligible students that qualify for JoCo 2.0 funds. This means we get to train Kansans from Johnson County in an entry-level technology course at no cost to the student! This includes free laptops, course materials, and third-party certifications, at zero cost to you, the student… ever.

COVID-19 has impacted many Kansans. The JoCo 2.0 grant dollars allocated to the Kansas Workforce Partnership is aimed at helping Johnson County residents obtain training in in-demand technologies to help assuage those impacted by the pandemic and prepare them for a new job or career.

Step 1

Fill out this registration form to book a time to meet with a counselor in Overland Park. They will text message you within 36 business hours of filling out this form to schedule a mutually agreed upon time.

Step 2


At that meeting you will discuss the pros-and-cons of each course available to ensure you're picking the direction that is best for you. This will also allow you to ask more questions about our process and team.

Step 3

Get your gear

We'll process your information and then when it's ready we'll get you scheduled to get your gear (laptop, course materials, syllabus, etc.)

Step 4


There is no payment. You will never be asked for a dollar. Ever. The only cost is your attention, patience, and time.

Important Topics for Free Registration

The location of your meeting with our counselor is in Overland Park, essentially in Rosanna Square. The address is: 7780 W 119th St, Overland Park, KS 66213. But the classes are not here, they are 100% virtual through the laptop we’ll be giving you.
These courses range in time with an average of 8.5 weeks. The courses are instructor led via Zoom, and you need to attend 90% of the days to graduate. Please check the schedule to make sure you can commit your time!

Completely free.

We will literally give you a laptop to do your classes. You get to keep it if you finish the class. You may also use your own if you prefer.

Nope, that just helped us get you to the correct page, which is this one. Please fill out the form on this page to enroll.

It’s completely first come, first serve. Once the JoCo funds are gone, they are gone.

Yes. Of course. At the very least it’s something else to put on your resume and LinkedIn. But these courses are designed to help you pass industry standard certifications that are required by employers across the country. Also, we will provide you with job placement assistance when this process is over. SnapIT is collaborating with The Kansas Workforce Partnership, as well as other regional workforce agencies, and we have unfair access to the companies across Kansas and the Midwest that need employees with these skill-sets the most.

Send back your laptop. No penalty. No cost. However please know, if you quit prior to graduation that may prevent you from accessing KS Workforce partnership grant funds in the future.

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Still have questions?

Email us at [email protected] and we will help you