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We are pleased to announce that the Kansas Department of Commerce has selected SnapIT Solutions to receive the IT, Cybersecurity & IT Project Management Certification Grant for the training, testing and job placement services for 250 Kansans!

COVID-19 has impacted many Kansans. The CARES Act Grant dollars allocated to SnapIT pay for 250 Kansas to obtain training in in-demand technologies, provide laptops to those students, provide vouchers for certification testing, and prepare them to find a new job (if unemployed or underemployed).

Course options

Cyber Networking

Cyber Security

Project Management

IT Support Specialist

SnapIT Laptop Day


November 2nd

October 21st. The enrolment process can be done 100% from this page’s contact form.

100% online. We use a free software that you’ll learn through called Digital Chalk.

🕵️‍♂️ Cyber Security

👩‍💻Cyber Networking

👨‍💼Project Management

👩‍🔧 IT Support Specialist

It’s roughly 100 hours of videos that need to be watched between November 2 and December 11th. You can watch them at your own pace, so there is zero need to stop your current professional and personal commitments. There will be optional daily checkins with your instructors to ask supplemental questions, if you so choose.

Completely free.

We will literally give you a laptop to do your classes. You get to keep it if you finish the class. You may also use your own if you prefer.

The point of the classes is to prep you for one-of-four, 3rd-party tests that would certify you in one of the careers mentioned above. With these industry standard and accepted certifications, you’ll either be able to advance faster in your current role, or collaborate with us and the Department of Commerce to have “near certain” placement in one of the Kansas businesses that is in-need of qualified tech employees. FYI, these cost money. BUT, we pay for that too! 😂
  • When you fill out the enrolment form on this page, you will choose one-of-three days in which to show up to our facility at 7780 W. 119th street, Overland park, Kansas, 66213. This is in the Rosanna Square shopping district next to the Driving License Office(DMV).
  • When you arrive, you’ll be given your laptop and directions. Please wear a mask. You will be escorted to a private cubicle.
  • Follow the written directions we’ll provide you to setup your laptop, and log you into our free learning platform called Digital Chalk. Someone will be there in-case you need assistance.
  • You must rsvp to one of the following three laptop days. You do not need to be there the whole time. We predict thirty minutes or less. You’ll choose which laptop day you want in the form below. Here are your options.
    • October 26th 1pm to 7pm
    • October 27th: 9am to 4pm
    • October 28th: 1pm to 7pm
You driver’s license, plus one additional method of proving your a resident of Kansas (such as bill).
Nope, that just helped us get you to the correct page, which is this one. Please fill out the form on this page to enroll.
This mostly involves what your interests and goals are. To learn more about the different fields and average salaries, we suggest Googling them to get a third party review of each of the four different courses we provide. Also, we think you should consider how tech savvy you already are. Here is the order of technological difficulty, in order from easiest to hardest: Project Management, IT Support Specialist, Cyber Networking, Cyber Security.
It’s completely first come, first serve. The first 250 people whom follow the directions on this page correctly get the spots. No exceptions.
In order to make this worth your time, we need to get you tested by industry-standard certifications. Each course has its own certification, from its own third party certifier. You can do these whenever you want, but the aim is to do so in around mid-December. We will allow all students from this program to come to our facility (where you got your laptop) to take your exams.
No. They range dependent upon which course you choose, with the average being several hundred dollars. BUT, we are paying for this on your behalf thanks to the CARES Act. So don’t worry about these fees.
This obviously depends on what your job is. But this will definitively help you if you have a tech job, or are trying to advance into role under one of the career paths we’re providing here. Your employer should love this. We’re increasing your skills through proven trainings and certifications, and it’s not costing them a cent. We suggest you tell them and welcome others from your work to apply.

Yes. Of course. At the very least it’s something else to put on your resume and LinkedIn. But these courses are designed to help you pass industry standard certifications that are required by employers across the country. Also, we will provide you with job placement assistance when this process is over. SnapIT is collaborating with The Kansas Department Of Commerce, as well as other regional workforce agencies, and we have unfair access to the companies across Kansas and the Midwest that need employees with these skill-sets the most.

Send back your laptop. No penalty. No cost.

What are you waiting for?

Still have questions?

No problem, write down questions as they emerge and sign on to any of the following free Zoom sessions to ask our team leader questions.


Oct 15th, 5PM-6PM : https://zoom.Us/j/91756097585

Oct 16th, 5PM-6PM : https://zoom.Us/j/94840916377

Oct 17th, 11AM-12PM : https://zoom.Us/j/96698822156

Oct 18th, 10AM-12PM : https://zoom.Us/j/96937501579

Oct 19th, 2PM-3PM : https://zoom.Us/j/93134376457

Oct 20th, 2PM-3PM : https://zoom.Us/j/97322289726