Congressional committee visits KC metro, seeking to boost the ‘Silicon Prairie’

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — More entrepreneurs are starting technology firms in the metro area, but they face

challenges being located outside traditional tech hubs on the coasts.


The U.S. Congress hopes to help level the playing field.


There’s a perception in the tech industry that the Midwest lacks enough talent to meet the demand for
growth and constant innovations.


But founders of small start-ups in the Kansas City area told the U.S. Small Business Committee that
there are plenty of people who can be trained for careers in good paying technology jobs —
if companies seeking software solutions would look beyond the coasts.


Snap IT Solutions is based in Overland Park, where it has succeeded training untapped talent in
the metro to develop mobile and web applications.


“If you are working in creating more tech talent within the industry we can give you a grant or things
like that,” said Neelima Parasker, CEO and founder of Snap IT Solutions.


“That’s a great initiative for a company like Snap IT. We are looking to partner with major government
agencies like USDA or the Department of Homeland Security and work on their projects.”


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech job opportunities are expected to grow at a faster rate
than any other career in the professional sector, creating 22 percent more jobs during the next decade.


The Congressional committee hopes to develop policy that will enable America’s workforce to thrive
in the 21st century.