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IT Managed Services

Testing is the key attribute to building successful products in Technology like any other field. Our software testers are experts in this critical phase of the SDLC and provide various processes and tools for QA/QC.

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Engineering and Dev Ops

Continuous Integration is the key to your IT Dev and Business Operations in sync! How can we help? Break down Dev and Business Operations Silos, Streamline the integration process, Quick-to-Market Processes

Architecture & Design

SnapIT team understands every Enterprise is unique and so should there IT solutions. We can help to improve our clients IT by create robust systems that evolve with the application.

High Security

SnapIT controls include the audits, SSL / TLS in access to consoles and APIs, support through secure gateways and restriction of access to control panels. Security of environment and data is our foremost priority and commitment to our clients.

Software Quality Assurance

SnapIT provides innovative web, mobile, CRM/CMS, and integrated software solutions. Our team has SMEs with expertise in full stack design and development with end to end support capabilities. SnapIT Team excels in Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Integration.


SnapIT uses Agile/Scrum, Waterfall and other Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies to manage programs and projects with any size and complexity.

Big Data and Analytics

At SnapIT we understand “Data is the new currency”. Our expert team helps set up Big Data for large organizations and provide custom Analysis on the Data captured that could be used toward classified and high risk business decisions for mission critical and business critical clients.

IT Trainings

SnapIT is a leader in building and improving talent via corporate trainings. Our clients can build the trainings that custom fit their technology stack and skills used in their organizations.

Hardware Support

SnapIT has dealer distributor rights with many computer hardware companies and can provide competitive rates to a range of hardware, digital and electronic devices including but not limited to Security, Laptops and Tablets, Printers and Scanners and other related products.

Security Technology
SnapIT provides security technology related products and service such as Access Control, Identity Management, IP Video and Video Management, Intrusion Detection, Communication Solutions, Wireless Technology and PSIM to name a few.

Access Control

Access Control

At SnapIT Solutions, we can help you in more complex enterprise applications, especially those involving the integration of IP-based video, intrusion systems, smartcards, human resource databases, etc. Whatever your card access needs, SnapIT has the right solution and technical support you will need to complete your project on-time and on-budget.

Identity Management

Identity Management

SnapIT Solutions provides identity solutions ranging from basic proximity card technology to “smart-cards” with integrated chips. Budget, convenience, standards compliance (HSPD-12 & FIPS), data security, performance and/or identification requirements play a big role in determining the best identity solution for our customers. SnapIT will work with you to develop an identity management strategy that fits both your needs and budget.

IP Video & Video Management

IP Video & Video Management

Having established strong industry leading manufacturing relationships, SnapIT Solutions is able to provide the very best IP-based technologies to our customers. At SnapIT, it does not stop with simply installing the best technology. SnapIT also has network certified personnel to ensure your IP-based video solution is installed adhering to established IT industry standards and practices.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection systems are an important aspect of a comprehensive security solution. SnapIT goes beyond simply designing traditional alarm intrusion systems. SnapIT can also seamlessly integrate alarm intrusion with your card access, IP video, and other important building systems. This integrated approach increases security and makes the entire system easier to manage and maintain.

Communication Solutions

Communication Solutions

Selecting the right communication systems for your specific needs can be challenging. Speed, reliability and system integration capability are just some of the critical elements in selecting the right communication system. Whether it’s a control room intercom solution or a campus-wide mass notification system, SnapIT has the experience to design, install and service the right solution for you.

Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

The ability to connect digital video cameras to the internet and networks has increased the flexibility and accessibility for both the collection and distribution of video data. The correct wireless technology can eliminate most, if not all, of the issues associated with areas that are too difficult or expensive to wire. Contact SnapIT today for a complete analysis of your wireless data needs.


Physical Security Information Management

One of the fastest growing areas in the electronic security is in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). Managing platforms and operating systems is becoming increasingly complex and most simply do not have the budget for a complete replacement strategy. A Physical Security Information Management system allows customers to make the most of the various systems they already have in place and “normalize” the user interface.

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