Project Description

Cloud computing is the future and evolving at a record pace. Having a clear understanding of how it works and how our own computers can work with it. This Amazon Web Services (AWS) & IT Fundamentals course has been designed to provide a starting point into the world of IT and Cloud Computing. This program will be an instructor-led effort to educate students on essential IT skills and basic AWS resources. Students will prepare for the CompTIA ITF+ exam, which is a pre-career certification focusing on foundational IT knowledge and common tasks performed daily by both advanced and entry-level IT professionals.

Aws & IT Fundementals Networking – SnapIT

Content includes operating systems and functions usage, configuring and troubleshooting basic network connectivity, and best practices for security and web-browsing.  Students will also prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, which is designed to demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.  Students will obtain knowledge of AWS terminology, customizing the AWS console, working with AWS resources, and utilizing core services. The program is designed to help students, with no prior technology background, gain a foothold in this rapidly growing industry.

Upon completion of the course, students can elect to take the certification exams listed above. This course can also act as a launchpad for those wishing to pursue more advanced industry certifications.